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 It's only now that we can sit back, after a short while of iClone v.7.x being released that we can see new perspectives in the way the modern day Animator can fashion his output.

And yet there's something fishy about the lacking interest from Animators around the world.
You'd imagine the Forum at to be a hive of frantic activity with people coming in from all over the world asking questions, demanding, screaming for attention from the Founder members..... oh yes, hang on a second, I was one of those before I was slaughtered online in the Forum there for producing an Animation on Anti-Drug abuse and then banned and my account closed because they deemed my presence too upsetting for the quitter humbles that control it. That's right.
Disgusting but true. I created a Warning Animation for minors, a simple anti-drug production, to teach children of the detrimental (mental being the key word) affects and psychological issues of taking drugs or being offered them by their peers or classmates.

Too upsetting for those who abuse substances, obviously, but my dedication to Animation and promotion of iClone to this end still remains high on the list of priorities.
I can't get all het up about being sloshed from the Reallusion forum when I run about 11 of my own in different subjects from Microbiology, Microelectronics and Digital Photography as well as three on Animation and also host in my own servers 4 Digital Art Galleries which are filling up fast.

Yes, I'm no fool when it comes to technology. I started out in Photography after gaining a Degree in Commercial Psychology in Salisbury, England, progressed to Electrography, 2D flash animation and then to 3D Animation with iClone back in 2005 or so.

The current day sees Animations going out to the US Medical Field which is a tricky market to break into.  iClone version 7 is now actually more MY animal than a commercial one in that Ill use iot now primarily to create an Animation I have worked on backoffice for a decade.
iClone can handle itself very well now and I am pleased to say that the characters I need are really easy to create with Character Creator by Reallusion allowing me infinite Character creation abilities ironing out the modeler and leaving me ever more so in control. 

"Now THATS something to think about." Quote from "The Librarian". A small project test animation for lighting to set a theme.

With the massive array of new technologies coming out of the Reallusion hive we see incredible Sci-Fi and design that should under normal circumstances enthuse, inspire and excite any newcomer or existing Animator but..... that degree of fire and life just isn't there.....

So what's missing?
Is it the lack of interest.
No! Students across the world are utilizing software leagues more complex and time sucking than iClone.
Is it lack of ability in the software.
Hell no! iClone does more now than it ever could.
So where has the equation broken down?

It struck me today after watching an enthusiastic "clique" in the Reallusion forum that the "rulers" of the Animation side of things at least are a bunch of either or both Wannabe's or Hasbeens.... which ever way you interpret their presence the  miserably tedious and boring-to-the-senses idea of re-introducing a character that looks like  a badly designed office clerk is appallingly suicidal to the promotion of IClone which in its current marketing campaign has seen a superb "ROME" set created in, wait for it, MODULAR format and an absolutely incredible array of Sci-Fi avatars and Mechs that totally blow the competition out of the window.

With these few items alone the potential is massive. Just massive.

www.iClonia.comBut something is missing in the "get it out there" campaigns and I wonder that it isn't the rather semi-retired attitudes of the Forum because if I was new to this field and I went in there.... firstly all I see is a confucion of modelling, hi tech graphics card talk, conversion talk, and other non descript things that as a pure Animator.... mean nothing to me, inspire me less and actually....... bore me.
Then I find an Animation group asking anyone to join their quest to make ridiculous animations good or bad of an office clerk character.

So now not only am I left in the dark having been lured in by Sci-Fi wonders and colossal claims of excellence ion the software...... but suddenly on the INSIDE...... making animations about librarians and clerks?
Coupled with a very toned down unexciting crew of key members self hailing their own excellence with little or nothing to back it up.... and I've already left to go and see because THERE I now I can see ANimation, Avatars, Beautiful Renders and incredible things. makes me feel excited about the possibility of Animation. HERE we can see whats happening in the world.
But oddly Renderosity do not recognize Reallusion's iClone as serious Animation Software. . Why?

So my disappointments are that somehow somewhere the inspiration dulling attitude of the current Reallusion Forum controllers are literally treading on the enthusiasm of the young, new, inspired up and coming ANimators and sending them away.

I say this....
If you've come into this page and you've read it all the way through well done. (You are now 2% of the population who can hold their attention span longer than the average facebook poster.)

iClone IS the Animal you assume it to be.
iClone CAN do what you need iot to and more. Leagues more..... really.
The power you have in your hands if you bought this software is bigger than your imagination and ias long as you stick to your guns and follow your own ideas and really study the software making sure it does everything you need it to......... you'll succeed.

You will, you will.
You'll win. But not if you allow the enthusiasm crushing pensioner-like attitude of those who are, by their own example of production, bored with the software.....
Stay inspired.
Stay in tune with the way YOU think.

Believe in yourself and your Animations will slowly appear in front of you.

I know. Because I am an Animator.


Monday, September 11, 2017, 09:23 PM

by Armstrong goes iClone Version 7.x iClone animation software

Looking back at the way iClone used to be we're now faced with everything we wished from it back in 2005. 
Impressive, stunning and globally manipulative. Now the Animator can get on with what he does best.

For many years we all wondered if we would ever, at an affordable price, be able to match the works output by such giants as we can all name... now it seems we've not only been given the ability to create such animations but also sets and atmospheres with infinite variance and also the Avatars themselves.
There was a time when you either had to have lost a decade in modelling software to be able to create something close to what you were after... or else hunt down across the world an Avatar that sort of looked a bit like something close to what was required. Miserable were those days.

Now all that's changed.
With Character Creator you've literally squashed the general avatar Modeler out of the equation and you can do it all for yourself importing and exporting the avatar in and out of iClone tweaking and re-modelling to your hearts content.

Freedom to create.
The satisfaction that comes from this can only be felt by Animators because the one issue that was always tiresome was that the Avatar purchased nearly performed as you wished it to; was almost as easy as the Reallusion stock avatars because of compatibility issues or else you had to re-write parts of your script to adjust to what was missing or performed poorly.   

The bliss of being able to create character after character is delicious and very inspiring. hats off to those who wrote Character Creator because it's that degree of insight and expertise that the modern hi-tech digital Animator needs to shine. Hats off and top marks to Reallusion.

Culling Positivity.
The Reallusion forum is still as miserably dominated by what we can only imagine as lower level Reallusion staff or else the external modelers who added to the  "thin on the ground" avatar population in the first place and in this their current and miserably unimaginative chase of their "pinhead" character is demeaning and detrimental to Reallusion's progress to say the least especially when Reallusion have done their best to bring iClone leagues up  a slippery and very steep technological hill. Just to be trashed by a character fixation that was dull and tedious back in its birth let alone today.
Fore-fronting such unimaginative "crap" one can only wonder why, when faced with the inspiration of Reallusion's creations, one would opt for the dullard character pinhead as some kind of "journeys arrival" in modern animation ESPECIALLY when you're dealing with the Worlds leading software in the field.

Wake Up!
Someone somewhere has to sit down and say, OK, we need to puch iClone out further than the banks and find a way of getting the mass animator-population to jointly accelerate a collaboration effort using THIS character in THIS theme and on THIS set and someone somewhere needs to define a storyline's progress so that in the end the resulting output of iClone hits the mark and utilizes every facet newcomers to Animation need to know about.

  1. Strong Character.
  2. Powerful sets.
  3. Monstrous weather.
  4. Incredible attire.
  5. Unbelievable weaponry.
  6. Delicious Particle engineering.

But instead the forefront "joint effort" is led by a group of middle aged fading and defeated wannabe's pushing what appears to be a shirt n tie office clerk avatar into stifled mundane output that  stinks of iclone version 3.

Never follow the sheep.
I have to say it but it's time to let in the young and allow the fire of enthusiastic inspiration hit the fan.

And so it's forwards from now on....
iClone 7.x is here and from this cornerstone onwards we can only race uphill and forwards way into our imaginations now because, if you look at the facilities within iClone now, nothing's there to stop you realizing your, until now, stifled dreams.


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Sunday, September 10, 2017, 02:36 PM

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