The Monk and The Orange Tree. 

Version 2 of about 5. | 12/3/2019

Paintings, research, translations & History by Neil Armstrong (fmip.rcda.)

The Monk and The Orange Tree. 

Another Monk and Orange Tree that I painted in 2018. Scroll down this Blog to see the origins and confusions of this Painting. 

This follows the lessons to learn in "The Mustard Seed garden." book collection of Chinese methods in learning to paint. And by learning to paint we're referring to Houses, People, plants, Flowers, Trees, People, Rivers, Rocks, Lakes, Mountains and on and on and on. 

Not easy when you also have to concentrate on the consistency of Chinese ink on the ink stone.  But the satisfying issue is that finally you get to create something that is so alien to the western world and so ancient that it gives you goosebumps (do Geese have bumps???) that the sense of satisfaction has no words to explain it. 

Neil Armstrong.