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Yao Sang Cheung - Chinese Art Supplies Hong Kong
by Armstrong

 Yau Sang Cheung
Cheung Wah Coml Bldg, Yau Ma Tei
Chinese Brush Makers/Chinese Art Supplies
Country / Area : Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Contact Person : Mr Yuk-Keung LeeJob : Manager...

Telephone :  (852) 23328881
Fax Number : (852) 27821597
Address : Block B, 3/F , Cheong Wah Commercial Building , 3-5 Saigon Street ,
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong
Lum Weng Kong

On the 5th day in Hong Kong  the most memorable event was seeing the Art materials in another supreme Chinese Art Store... Yau Sang Cheong

I can't emphasise enough just how inspiring all this stock is when you stand amongst it and realise this is every day to the Chinese Artist.

The most important things to me are, if I can state this from a westerners point of view... Ink Sticks, paper and Brushes. Though an underside of all these is of course........... the Felt the paper rests upon. important that it repels water enough.

There were pots of brushes that appeared to be the same but actually on further inspection.... the makers were the difference. Something I hadn't thought about.

 Because we dont have the resource of so many choices in the west regarding Chinese Art Materials. Here, though, you can get used to and appreciate AND re-purchase brushes from certain makers of your choice if you like the way they handle. 

Not an easy thing to achieve living in Europe for sure.

The range was staggering. The papers were beautiful and the variety excelling. I noticed that there were rolls  of xuen paper here about 150 feet long by three feet for the best part of £9 ukp. $90 hkd. $14 usd. Thats a good price.
"Standard" packs of paper (if I can use that term too!) were in the region of $700hkd (£63ukp) to about $4000hkd (About £370ukp, $650usd )

But the range of  hues and texture was very inspiring. Some with flowers inside the paper fibres. Some with petals and some with what looked like whole grass stems pressed and woven in the fibres.

I feel a little sadness as I wander through this store becaause Europe is completely blind to this. Some reason exists as to why SOMEONE somewhere hasnt opened up a store and advertised it on a national scale. I cant believe that little Guanghwa in London attracts poeple from Poland, Switzerland, France and Germany  and yet something on a collosal scale, like this, would not attract business from further afield aside from its being able to promote the chinese arts in a superior fashion to what it does now.

Its embarrassing; Britains ignorance of the Chinese arts. Chu Lei Lei aside, and, yes, even with his prescence in the UK, we still dont really have anything other than an abbreviated British slant in the Chinese arts.

Britains ignorance of the Chinese Calligraphic and artistic origin is as embarrassing as its butchery of Tea so no surprises there really. Yao Sang Cheong opened my eyes to the pride that's had in a store that, for five generations, has stood and sold art materials to the public with elegance and pride...


..... and the Man who owns the store now..... well, you can see the degree of perfection behind his ideas and operations because the store couldn't hold any more stock if it tried.

Every ledge and stand and shelf simply bulges with every array of carved table ornamentation, seal stone variation in size, grain and stone color, but the best of this is that the literature side of the store is as elaborate too.

So, if you're a progressing artist you can sift through books of all sizes of all prices and find something that will, by example, carry you on to the next level and by the next level I really mean that. These art stores have masters selling you the wares and can teach and explain your needs quite clearly even if conversationally their english stutters a little.

The examples of Calligraphy on the walls are just beautiful. It really was too much for me to take in because the range of Brushes, something for which I have gained a new respect and understanding for, was too much for me to know or understand.

Yeo Sang Cheong apparently are brush makers. So if I want a brush made from the hairs of one of my miniature horses, this is where I need to send the bristles.

I hope you find something useful in this page bnecause this store really is a diamond for the Chinese Artist.  The prices were stunningly low and the supplies beautifully arranged and just pouring out with variety.

I will return to these places in another year.
For now, I have some wonderful resources to use and hopefully, my work will slowly start to lean towards Chao Shao-ans' style a little more by the years end.

Monday, 30 November, 2015, 22:49

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