Man Luen Choon

Man Luen Choon
Address: Harvest Building, 29-35 Wing Kut St, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2544 6965
Chinese Art Supplies and Materials.

MAN LUEN CHOON - The Chinese Arts Secret Resource.  
"Massive, endless, inspiring, limitless...  this store is worth travelling half way round the Earth for. " 

It's a fun, educational, inspiring and exciting experience for the Chinese Artist.

Man Luen Choon, five generations strong and stocking the most incredible and diverse array of materials I have ever seen on one floor in a single store. It's something worth travelling half way round the Earth for........... which is exactly what we did.

As you walk in trhough the door you're faced with a staggering view of paintings, ink stones in wooden cases, literature, more brushes and types of brush than you could ever imagine, brush vases and pots, brush hangers, seal stone clamps and vices, extravagantly carved ink stones...  and the list goes on to cover everything you already knew existed plus leagues more.

Here, at Man Luen Choon you will see the real price of goods as it should be for the discerning artists not the conditioned excessive prices the rest of the world feels is fair.
Business is business but I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable so much of the goods here are.

For a simple example... how many of you have seen tubes of maries paints advertised on ebay for between £3uk / $6us to £4uk / $7us per tube?
Man Luen Choon sold me a dozen 5 tube boxes of maries paints for £1.70p / $3.40c per box of five. 
That works out at  34p per tube.  NOT 400p per tube?

HongKong harbours an incredible resource to the Worldwide enthusiasts and Artists of Chinese Painting here.
Tricky to find but don't give in. 
The sat-nav we used sent us into a building where, down a short corridoor on the left, sat a lift attendant who told us that Man Luen Choon was on the 2nd floor.
A space without windows. A Store of endless treasures, limitless inspiration and collosal Libraries of Books on all topics covering the Chinese Arts.

If you plan to visit this store, give yourself an afternoon because you'll need that just to take in whats on offer.


The array and choice of Brushes is incredible. The people behind the counter speak just enough English to get you through.

The gentleman (<<< pictured left) speaks excellent english and is also an Art Master. Hios knowledge in the field is astounding and through his assistance I managed to get a suite of Montain horse Hair Brushes, akin to the kind Chao Shao-an used, and also advice on the kind of fibrous cottony paper I should also use. Lucky for me and I mean by pure luck, I have already spend several hundred pounds on full size 100 sheet packs (74" by 27")  of this paper kind in about five different colours / fibre types.

Showing me a packet of 7 Wild Mountain Horse Hair Brushes  and walking straight to examples of tutorial literature in the massive library in the store I walked away from this shop with incredible treasures (more on that on another page later) and really felt the journey had been more than I ever expected.

Its a crying shame that Europe and America do not stock the artists materials to this degree because seeing this store made all the western type stores in europe seem pathetic.  Not just from the limited range of materials they have compared to China's vast offering, but because for some reason the west deems art to be some kind of elitist field pricing materials unrealistically high and killing the true artists limited means.

I could have spent a couple of days sifting through the wares here at Man Luen Choon  but time was precious and the 8 days I was in HongKong whistled past like an express train. But at least we found this place, met the people, saw the wares on offer and came away feeling we had seen something that should be common knowledge to the Chinese Artist.

With help from my friend in Art, Elaine, I have access to these things but I would rather hope that, with Man Luen Choons staff assistance I could deliver and host a site online to display and promote the sales of materials from here for anyone outside China. 

Even though I was English and could not speak Chinese the staff made a definite effort to understand what I required and the gentleman who could speak english spent much time listening and advising and as the time came to leave and start the evenings exploration I felt I had really seen something here and, sitting back in Scotland writing this, I yearn to go and have another sift through all those treasures.

Man Luen Choon (chinese Stationeries)  Art Supply Store Address: 2/Floor Harvest Building, 29-35 Wing Kut St, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 2544 6965
ManLuenChoon >> WEBSITE HERE




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