Chao Shao-an History & Biography. The Charming Cicada Studio.
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Chao Shao-an - A Tribute to the Master of Chinese Art.
The Art of Lingnan School. / Biography - Dates / Gao Qi-Feng / The Charming Cicada Studio / History of Chao Shao-an / Other Lingnan Masters.
Chao Shao-an
A Tribute to the Master of Chinese Art.
Born: 1905, Guangdong Province, China
Died: 1998, Hong Kong 

This online resource has been created to inform those who are inspired by The Chinese Arts about the life and painting of Chao Shao-an. (sometimes referred to as Zhao Shao-ang). There are many angles to The Chinese Arts and the Painting historically has always been beautifully diverse and different to anything in the western hemisphere.

The history of Chao Shao-an is as fascinating as the Art and Paintings he created. The traditionalists who have mastered the Chinese Art of Spontaneous and Lingnan painting create works that are delicious to the eye and simply overflow with that Chinese essence.

The paintings of Birds and Insects (insects known as natures Signature in Chinese Paintings)  of Chaos' works hold a style unmistakeable and the determination by so many internationally to try and recapture from their own hand the essence of his work seems to grow with each passing year.

For now these pages will hold as much of his story and Painting as one needs to understand an exceptional Man who, through the quietude of paint on paper, managed to turn the heads of the world to see something that makes the eyes and soul sing.

If you have any information or exhibitions held, up and coming or information that may enhance this site please write to
as this is a profitless arena free of advertising and has been allocated as Chao Shao-ans' Biographical and Historical record for the West to understand the roots of their own painting.

N. Birley-Armstrong.
(fmip. rcdga.)

by Armstrong
Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 05:02 PM
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