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Chao Shao-an - A Tribute to the Master of Chinese Art.
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Biographics. Dates and Achievements.

Chao Shao-an.

Dates and Achievements.

1929 to participate in the Shanghai First National Art Exhibition held. 

In 1930, his works in Belgian World's Fair, was awarded a gold medal. 
In the same year in Guangzhou Lingnan Art Gallery was founded. 

In 1932, in Guangzhou held a personal exhibition.  Works participated in Moscow , Paris , Berlin, organized by the Chinese art exhibitions. 

In 1934, Chinese tourism in several provinces, including Zhejiang , Jiangsu , Anhui , Shandong , Hebei and Shanxi , Yungang visit the Great Wall and other attractions, and in Nanjing , Tianjin , Beijing held a solo exhibition.

1937 any of the Guangzhou Municipal School of Fine Arts Department of Chinese painting, and later moved to Hong Kong, the same year to participate in the Second National Art Exhibition held in Nanjing.

1939 has in Hong Kong and New Zealand , Portugal and living in Guangzhou China. 

In 1941, moved by the Hong Kong Macau , then went to Guangzhou Bay.  Relations due to the war, Zhao returned to the Mainland China, via Guilin, where enjoy the beautiful landscape views, then north through Liuzhou , Guiyang and arriving at Chongqing , employed at National Central University and National Art School. 
During Sichuan, Zhao had traveled Emei , the Three Gorges and other mountains and rivers, gain a lot, to develop a new field of painting. 

From 1941 to 1944, he was in the Gulf of Guangzhou , Liuzhou , Guilin , Qujiang , Guiyang , Chongqing , Chengdu and so many have been to the city, held a personal exhibition.

1944 works participated in the Third National Art Exhibition held in Chongqing. 

1946 exhibition held in Macao and Hong Kong.

1948 Branch Guangzhou University art professor.  In the same year he moved to Hong Kong Lingnan Art Gallery and recovery, education in the arts and painting. 
In 1948, he hired as a professor of Guangzhou University of Fine Arts Section.  He later left Guangzhou, settled in Hong Kong, re-established the Lingnan Art Gallery in Hong Kong. 

1951, showed in Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" invitation to an exhibition held in Tokyo. 

In 1952, he travels to Southeast Asia, in Singapore , Kuala Lumpur , Ipoh , Penang and other places to hold exhibitions. 

1953 visit to Europe, work has been exhibited in Switzerland. 

In 1954, an exhibition in London , Manchester , Paris , Rome and other places.

1960 worked in the United States at Harvard University and the University of California, lectures, work in the United States San Francisco , Los Angeles , Washington , Boston , Chicago , Hawaii and Canada , West Germany , Australia exhibited thirty various places and the like. 

1977 was hired Dr. åÂŽ学士 hospital in Taipei. 

Each year since 1973 works in the modern Asian Art Exhibition. 

1978 Hong Kong senior artists to participate in the exhibition. 

1979 in Hong Kong held a personal exhibition. 

1982 Beijing held a personal exhibition.
Representative works are "accounted Lingnan kapok red spring", "water frog ponds everywhere," "Willow green grass", "swamp Treasures", "a pool of new green weeping willow," "Blossom hole Jade", "birds cold spell words "" Mimang full moonlight Wang Tong, "" scared bird branches snow "," Tyurin dusk "," leisurely "," Amidst the return boat "," Lai cooked, "" group of fish catch falling "," Li Jiang rain "," pines Tuyan "," return crow recognize it sticks "," Autumn "," bamboo meditate, "" bird, then a cold spell, "" fishing village rain "," dawn to focus light rain purple flower "and other .

People's Fine Arts Publishing House published "Chao Shao-painting series."


Chao Shao into the early sishu school, 15-year-old into the Lingnan school of painting high peaks founded a private museum of Fine Arts to study painting. 
Foshan City in 1927 to teach art school staff. 


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