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Chao Shao-an - A Tribute to the Master of Chinese Art.
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Gao Qi-Feng

A little about Gao Qi-Feng. Tutor of Chao Shao-an.

Gao Qi-Feng Biography


A native of Panyu in Guangdong province, Gao Qifeng (1889-1933), original name Weng, was the younger brother of Gao Jianfu (1879?951),

with whom he learned painting in his early years before also going to Japan , in 1907, to study under Tanaka Raisho (1868-1940).


He is also acclaimed as one of the "Three Masters of the Lingnan School ".
At the age of sixteen, Chao Shao-an learned painting from this famous Lingnan painter, Gao Qifeng, at Gao's private art school.

This painting (right) is one of the finest examples of Gao Qifeng's work.
A couple of chickens are depicted sheltering peacefully under a birch-leaf pear tree.

Falling petals and a colour-washed background, together with the two resting chickens, create a romantic, poetic and dream-like visual impact.


Exquisitely executed, the chickens and the birch-leaf pear are vivid and solid, yet the artist is able to capture a transient moment of nature.


Gao successfully combined the poetic element of Chinese painting, Japanese pleinair painting to develop a unique personal style.

chao shao-an

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