Chinese Art in Europe.

If you enjoy the Chinese Arts, Lingnan, Chao Shao-an or any angle of Traditional Chinese Art then I hope you like what you find here today!
Neil Armstrong. (fmip.fbip.)
Chinese Art in Europe.
by Armstrong
Welcome to the Chinese Bird and Flower Art and History Journal. Here you'll find a whole resource of information thats pans where to buy...
  1. Chinese ink Stones
  2. Chinese Ink Sticks
  3. Chinese Xuen and other hand made papers
  4. Chinese Brushes 
  5. Chinese Seal Mud
  6. Chinese Seal Stones (Carved and blank.)
  7. Chinese Water Bowls and porcelain
  8. Authentic Spontaneous Chinese Paintings

and a whole host of other things besides.
The aim of this arena is to bring to the European Enthusiast and Artist Authentic Chinese Materials and Supplies for the Chinese Spontaneous Arts. In one clean and crisp suite of online magazines and stores you can find, not only the entire resources for everything Chinese but, also a massive array of links for suppliers around the globe who can better cater for your needs.

Our aim here is to supply with the basics that yuo will need to start out on a wonderful journey into the mysterious Chinese Arts. Form that point onwards you'll be better equipped and learn what the items are for, develop a style all your own and start to venture out into the world and purchase your own essentials with the beautiful knowledge this enormous subject has to deliver.

Chinese Bird and Flower Painting, Chinese Spontaneous Arts, Chinese Landscape Painting, Chinese Seal Carving, Chinese materials and supplies.. they are all here uner the one roof, .
Training, Teaching resources, Other sites of interest, The Chinese History of Art, Chinese History of Calligraphy, it's all here and ready for your exploration. The topic is as beautiful as it is eternal and at every turn in the avenues of Chinese Painting you'll find intrigue and mystery.

best wishes....

The Raggedy Bird Team.

Sunday, February 27, 2011, 08:32 PM
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