The Monk and the Orange Tree.

A progressive view of Chao Shao-an influenced Paintings I have created with Chao as Master by example.
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The Monk and the Orange Tree.

Post by Admin » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:16 pm

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Monk under Orange Tree. 有時候, 我需要遠離人群, 創造出純粹的思想和安靜的競技場來思考。
艱難的人生之路感覺太重而無法享受。我有時會認真思考古代的主人。我想知道他們的世界是什麼樣的。我希望有一天我會走在他們身旁, 傾聽。傾聽就是學習。但是現代世界是聾的。太多人了太多的仇恨。太多的無知。所有的人都拒絕接受謙卑。難怪地球正在衰落。如果我們不能挽救中國的藝術, 並保持它豐富的中國精華, 我們將失去一些非常寶貴的東西。

In trying to create a diverse contrast between the tree and the Monk an accidental element appeared from subconscious thought.

Because my Wife suffered a brain tumor whose operation went horribly wrong and a second operation was immediately required her right side is paralysed.

Oddly every tree in each of a suite of five paintings were withered on one side and only one long arm reached out with blossoms on.

I don't know why. it was pointed out to me by a friend abroad.

Sometimes I need to get away from the crowd and create a pure mind and a quiet arena to think about. The hard road of life feels too heavy to be enjoyed. I sometimes think seriously about the ancient masters. I want to know what their world is like. I hope that one day I will walk beside them and listen. Listening is learning. But the modern world is deaf.
Too many people have too much hatred.
Too much ignorance.
All men refuse to accept humility.
No wonder the earth is fading. If we can't save the Chinese art and keep its rich Chinese essence, we will lose something very precious.[/font][/size]

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