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一枝春 Yi Zhi Chun Premium Oil Soot Black Inkstick


Product Information

一枝春 Yi Zhi Chun Premium Oil Soot Black Inkstick

Type: Premium Tung Oil Soot

This is a first grade oil soot inkstick from Old Hu Kai Wen. It has an elegant engraving of bird and plum blossom on one side. The other side is calligraphy which reads ‘一枝春’. The calligraphy means a branch of spring.

老胡開文墨莊 Old Hu Kai Wen Ink Workshop the most famous quality inks in China
Oil soot black inks are good for both calligraphy and painting, the black is deep, sophisticated, bright while not overwhelming.
High grade inks may have added aromatic oils such as musk and borneol, Chinese medicinal ingredients or gold leaf.

Product Code: 一OTLI749

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