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金不易 Jin Bu Yi Fine Oil Soot Black Inkstick


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金不易 Jin Bu Yi Fine Oil Soot Black Inkstick

This is probably one of the most underrated ink sticks on the market today. Rose scented and thick black ink it creates the most easily obtainable shades of grey. They say 5 but I would say more.  
Mine broke into three pieecs. But this doesnt bother me. It probably just had a tiny flaw in its makeup or, more probably , someone was investigating the beautiful silken box it came in and dropped it. cheeky
Either way, the ink it creates is slow to make but worth the time. 
The incredible shades are wroth ther extra effort. Personally I would reccommend this to someone who paints rather than calligraphs because the results are a very fine grain very soft grey shades.
It works fine for calligraphy, but my personal oppinionm is that it better suits Chinese Painting. 


 Inksticks, Deep black (油烟墨 Youyan Mo oil soot), 高级油烟墨 (Gaoji YouYan Mo) Professional "Advanced Level Oil Soot Ink"
Old Hu Kai Wen premium inkstick “Jin Bu Yi” “worth more than gold” is a premium cigar-shaped handmade inkstick.

Lightly scented.

Recognised by artists since Qing dynasty as one of the best inks.

Available in large (100g) sizes.

100g Only. 50g is too small in circumference to do it justice.  
Brand    老胡開文墨莊 Old Hu Kai Wen Ink Workshop the most famous quality inks in China

Product Code: 金98I7O59

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