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Expedited Free Shipping: Huang Bin Hong Memorial Bespoken Professional Oil Soot Inkstick


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Expedited Free Shipping: Huang Bin Hong Memorial Bespoken Professional Oil Soot Inkstick

Categories: Deep black (油烟墨 Youyan Mo oil soot), Inksticks, Premium Ink rangeTag: Huang Bin Hong


"Probably oneof the finest Ink Sticks you could ever purchase and use for your art.
I am tempted to buy one for myself. A very prestigious recipe from a very prestigious artist and this is one of those items you could not do wrong purchasing. 
We're just restocking the internet store with products form our affilliated companies and suppliers as well as our own old stock (Due listed at the very end of the internet stocking development procedure)  but sitting down and researching this ink stick shows that if you've been studying the CHinese Arts for a long long time and feel your work should reflect the mark of the ancient Masters who walked before us then this ink stick would last you a decade and more.
Personally, I buy this kind of thing to use. I do not hoard.  It was made to use and it will appear in my Art and Calligraphy as I please and deem. I find the sheer delight and essence of using something so associated with the past very very satisfying and I will make no bones about the fact that after a while the whole Chinese Art and Calligraphy process etches and eats into your spirit or enthusiasms or inspirations........ whatever it is, it is very satisfying.  

My biggest enjoyment is meeting the peple I have. Some have gone away form the past and they'r emossed sorely., all amazing suppliers of 1995 onwards.
People I have met and sorely miss include Sad Monk, a Budhist Monk I knew since 2000.
People I know like Yan Luo, Lum Weng Kong, Nan Rae, Feny Zhou... all add to the bigger picture as the decades crawl forever onwards and sometimes I feel that I have reached a point where I would love to feel the inspiration that comes from owning something so presdtigious that it will influence my Art as well....... and this ink stick may be one of those inspirations. "
Neil Armstrong. (fmip.fbip.rcda.)

This ink stick is handmade by a Chinese ink master with finest natural materials.
The ink recipe is specially adjusted for Huang Bin Hong´s art style. It is very unusual and valuable for both inkstick collectors and professionals who follow Huang Bin Hong´s style.
Huang Bin Hong is most famous for his creative using of Su Ink. This inkstick is probably the best choice for making Su Ink.

Only one piece available, free international expedited shipping with insurance. 

Brand    Huang Bin Hong Museum
Materials    Oil Soot Oil soot black inks are good for both calligraphy and painting, the black is deep, sophisticated, bright while not overwhelming. High grade inks may have added aromatic oils such as musk and borneol, Chinese medicinal ingredients or gold leaf.
Packaging    Wooden Box
Recommend to    Collectors, Professionals
Suitable for    Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Collection
Colour    Black
Shipping: Free    Order including this product will qualify for free shipping.
Product Size    11.5 × 7 × 1.8 cm
Product Weight    50,30
Shipping weight    300 g

Product Code: EXPSA4ZI82

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