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Gongbi Plus, Sized Xuan Paper (Choose size and Qty.)


Product Information

Gongbi Plus, Sized Xuan Paper

"Sized" papers with added Mica to create the Shimmer effect, made with alpine rushes, deliberately less absorbent than unsized raw Xuan tree bark paper to facilitate different styles of painting such as GongBi.
Papers are, of course, flat pressed and come in either a tube or a folded packet according to buying a few sheets or a whole 100 sheet/50 sheet pack. 

These papers are 熟宣 Shu Xuan sized or cooked Xuan paper made with Eulaliopsis binata called in Chinese 龙须草 “Dragon beard grass”  also known as Chinese alpine rush.
They are deliberately not as absorbent as the unsized raw Xuan tree bark paper to facilitate different styles of painting.

  • Size: 60 * 120 cm.
  • Colour: White
  • Materials: 龙须草 “Dragon beard grass” latin name Eulaliopsis binata, known in English as Chinese alpine rush, spring water.
  • Suitable for Gongbi paintings.
  • Finish: the paper is sized and the absorption rate is low. It is designed for detailed Chinese ink paintings.
  • Handmade with traditional recipe.

This is fine 30gsm paper, in large 120x60cm size (trimmed a little smaller than the 135×70 Plus size).

Available in pack sizes:

  • 25 sheets 30* 120 cm (0.34kg net weight)
  • 25 sheets 60 * 120 cm (0.68kg net weight)
  • 50 sheets (1.35kg net weight)
  • 100 sheets (2.7kg net weight)

Product Code: GONYXMCU67

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