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Handmade Ceramic Water Reservoir (Classic)


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Handmade Ceramic Water Reservoir (Classic)

Water droppers are small ornamental highly crafted water bowls used for carefully adding a few drips only to the ink stone table in order for you to carefully control the making of CHinese ink. 
As the effort in making ink is heavy, and the cost of some ink sticks expensive, the careful control of its evaporation and capability in not over diluting the ink once made whilst stopping it from drying on the ink stone table, is very important.
Water bowls are both beautiful and practical gems for the art table.  

Handmade water container which is a typical Chinese art accessory. It is used to hold a small amount of water for mixing different types of inks.

Maker  Zhou Bo 周波  
Zhou Bo 周波 is a young ceramic artist in Jingdezhen specializing in making fine ceramic pieces for the painting and calligraphy studio.
Shipping: Standard    
Product Size    8 × 8 × 5 cm

Product Code: HANBY1NO76

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