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INKSTON Double Xuan Paper


Product Information

50 Sheets Double Weight Beautiful White Double Xuan Paper
Double Xuan paper contains 38-45% Pteroceltis Tatarinowii tree bark, it is untreated/unsized (raw/uncooked in Chinese) and is suitable for both painting and calligraphy.

The paper allows for very much control. For calligraphy and painting this is a superior choice because the thickness of the paper allows  good bleed depth and slow reaction time from the ink to paper. 
You can watch the way the paper responds to the paint. It sounds odd but in practice this paper, compared to the very thin xuen papers, is atotally different animal and gives superb results.
Here at the studios we simply add rice starch water to the back of the painting and becasue the paper is so thick it is as good as mounted but no other paper is used.
Then simply dry on acetate sheets and frame it when its dry. 

This paper is double layer for twice the weight, thickness and absorbency of single layer Xuan Paper. It also requires extra skills and experience to make the paper. The paper is quite strong and endurable.

This is fine 90gsm paper, in large 138x70cm size (1 sheet has a surface area equivalent to 15 sheets A4).

Available in pack sizes:

  • 10 sheets (0.8kg net weight)
  • 20 sheets (1.59kg net weight)
  • 50 sheets (3.98kg net weight)

*Xuan paper is also referred as rice paper, shuen paper, and sometimes mulberry paper.

Double Layer Paper

50 Sheet pack 4kg approx. shipping weight




棉料 Mian Liao Recommended for Sumi-e / Chinese painting and professional calligraphy .
Contains around 30% to 40% Pteroceltis Tatarinowii bark, and 70% or 60% rice straw,

Shipping size70 × 40 × 20 cm
Shipping weight4000 g

Product Code: INK9ZDXH78

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