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Red Star 一品灰貂(三) Extra Fine Hui Diao Brush #3


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Product Information

Red Star 一品灰貂(三) Extra Fine Hui Diao Brush #3

Brushes, Red Star brushes, 貂毫 Diao Hao Marten brush

Red Star 红星 红星 [Hong Xing] or in English “Red Star” is China’s premium brand from China Hong Xing Xuan Paper Group and uses only the finest grade materials and strict quality control process. This is reflected in the price and quality of their products.
Marten Hair used for 貂毫 Diao Hao brush, the pine marten hair is sharp but very soft so when you use it with ink the effect is elegant, clean and sophisticated.
It is NOT a stiff bristled brush. 
If you are looking to paint Chao Shao-an style you will need "High Mountain Horse Hair brushes."
If you are looking to paint foliage anbd flowers in solid method this is the brush to use. 

Wood handle. 
Recommend to    Advanced Level, Beginners, Medium Level, Professionals
Suitable for    Birds Calligraphy Chinese Painting Portrait
写意画 Freehand Painting 写意 XieYi, literally “draw meaning”
also known as “enjoyable style” is a freehand impressionistic style able to create an impression from few strokes, the opposite of GongBi detail painting.

花鸟画 Flower and Bird painting
草书 CaoShu "grass" Cursive Script calligraphy

Product Code: REDWKCPW98

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