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Selected Poems of Li Bai – translated by Xu YuanChong


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Selected Poems of Li Bai – translated by Xu YuanChong

A very fine book on Li Bai’s poems. It is translated by professor 許淵冲 Xu YuanChong (1921- ) who is a knowledgeable professor from Peking University. In 1999, he was nominated for Nobel Literature Prize. Besides English, professor Xu is also an expert on French classic literature and he translated major French classics into Chinese. He also translates Chinese classics into French.

Author: 李白 Li Bai

Translator: 許淵冲 Xu YuanChong
Publishing House: Chinese External Translation Publishing House, 1st edition, 1st May, 2014
Name: Selected Poems of Li Bai Translated by Xu Yuanchong
Page: 239 pages

Languages: Chinese, English
ISBN: 9787500138914

Product Code: SELW30XI9

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