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Song Lyrics in Paintings


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Song Lyrics in Paintings

A very fine book on ancient Chinese poems. It is translated by professor 許淵冲 Xu YuanChong (1921- ) from Peking University. In 1999, he was nominated for Nobel Literature Prize.

Each poem is not only available in Chinese and English, but also accompanied with a traditional Chinese painting which is done by modern Chinese artist. It is a very good guide for artist to choose proper poetry for his paintings.

‘Ci, as a sort of musical literature, peaked in the Song Dynasty. Song lyrics, Tang Poetry and Qu are regarded as the three incomparable literary forms in Chinese verse.’ 

Author: various 

Translator: 許淵冲 Xu YuanChong
Publishing House: Chinese Publishing Group, 1st edition, 1st July, 2015
Name: Song Lyrics in Paintings
Page: 336 pages

Product Code: SON55XK874

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