Paintings, research, translations & History by Neil Armstrong (fmip.rcda.)

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Here you'll see examples of Chinese Calligraphy and Spontaneous Painting all created with traditional Chinese Art materials from the hand made Brushes (rats Whisker, Wolf, Wild (Upper Mountain) Horse Hair, Rabbit whisker, Chicken Feather..... to the Xuen paper hand made all in China.
And all the materials are crafted, carved, created, in China by generations of Families who have been in the business of Brushmaking, Paper making, Seal Cutting, wood carving for hundreds and hundreds of years. . 

It has been my goal since 2005 when I initially started out in the world of The Chinese Arts as far as Painting and Calligraphy at least, to show the European Societies that Chinese Art actually exists. 

Walking into any European art store you would think China did not exist. Despite the Chinese being able to Write and Paint 2200 years prior to the west, the west likes to play that it invented Writing and the Arts as we know them.

The truth is, the Chinese were there twenty centuries before us writing and painting and for some odd reason every western art store refuses to stock Chinese Art Materials at all. 

Herein you will discover a wealth of information and also links to, Europes best and only Chinese Online Art Store working with 
For all information or if you have questions about lessons, teaching, courses or materials write in the first instance to .

All my paintings herein are for sale. Each painting comes with an A4 framed print matching the original paintings frame. The Print shows the painting and the translations almost exactly as they are displayed in this Gallery Site. 

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Chinese Art Materials for
The Chinese Artist.


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