Oh.... To Paint...

Some people are just too scared to paint. Probably because they don't have the strength of Character to show how badly everything starts out like a child. Or they just don't have the gene to concentrate. Who knows.  no

All I have ever learned since taking up the Chinese Arts is the beauty of spiritual essence and I don't mean to sound like some lost misplaced hippy, it's more the sense of satisfaction for starting to master something so unique an extraordinary.

The mockery and the ridicule from those who resent your abilities is quite odd in the adult world and this is across the board: Family or alien. Possibly because they feel embarrassed at being in the vicinity of something that feels Schoolbound. no

The bottom line is this... If you can concentrate; if you can apply yourself with a strict discipline and focus knowing that, as being Human, you will ultimately start to create what you see around you perfectly, you will succeed.


I look around me at those who mock, scoff and scorn; Those who answer the question, "So, what interests do you persue in your free time?" with "Oh, I dont have time for that. I'm too busy with real life!" 
That in itself is a contradiction. Because if all you do is work without any time left to enjoy your existence you do not exist. Why get out of bed in the morning to work when all it leads to is more work. I always thought working was a task reaping profit toward a goal. A happy goal. To pay for your life. 

I actually had someone ask me once in spite, "How's your......chinesey..... arty......painty................... stuff .......getting on?"  Spitting out the "stuff" at the end as if it was sewage. The tones were spiteful, bitter, hateful, mocking. Sumarised as resentful.  Rather than ask me, "Oh, Neil. how's your Chinese Art and History research?"  

Funny to find such subintellectual hatreds in something that otherwise is supposed to be so spiritually uplifting.......... and that's my point. People do not see further than "faysbuk" and all the other social sites any more and they neither get annoyed at not having a "dislike" button to balance how many "like" v. how many "DISlike".

I think I was born the last society of a world where computers did not take over every aspect of your existence and because I can remember a world where people sat together watching 4 channels on TV and spend evenings playing board games or talking together........ am I obsolete now.

Nowadays you're lucky if you can talk to someone for more than 2 minutes before their attention is rudely ripped away from what you were saying in favour of some mundane nonsensical text message from whoever thought a tedious remark was worth broadcasting in the first place. Meanwhile the listener nods at you and still says "Oh yeah!" in agreement with what you're saying as if they're still listening as they read their idiot message tapping away with a thumb in reply; you knowing they haven't heard a thing you've said.  

If you can study and concentrate with discipline and order and focus on the silence of reading when all about you is in chaos you will win your goal of accomplishment.... painting skills in The Chinese Arts take time and determination. IF you're interested. 
I have studied this field now since 2005. In that time to now, 15 years, from only being about 2 Chinese art suppliers in the western world there are now about 5 after the two died. 5 worth you're time anyway.
The main one being

www.RaggedyBird.com works very closely with Inkston and inkston.com is the ONLY supplier on the web currently that will NOT "rip you off" and that will NOT overcharge for useless and coarse materials. We have purchased thousands of pounds worth of materials from them with no complaint.

And now we'll talk about the picture above. wink
I made a print of a painting by a Master whose work  I adore.
Then proceeded to repaint it larger on some double weight xuan paper from Inkston. I add some calligraphy so now I have two practice sessions on one piece of paper.
I now have a painting.  

In 2005 I had to trace the Chinese characters because none of it made sense but I was driven to learn and did everything I could to make sure I learnt something every day.

I even went and got some haberdashery store tissue wrapping paper that they use to wrap china tea cups bought in the high street store because I thought it would be as fragile as xuan paper which I had never seen before in my life. I had never used Xuan paper nor knew where to find any. But I wanted to learn so badly.

It worked.
The tissue was so soft and fragile that I had to be very careful with each brush stroke not to tear it into a sloppy mess. I could only make one brush stroke and not overlay it with another or the paper tore up. 
This oddity taught me much in Chinese Calligraphy and Xuen paper use and tose early lessons are with me today.  heart

Neil Armstrong.

Published on 12/03/2019, 16:09:02.
Last updated on 12/04/2019, 22:43:25.